75021 #12: Syrob + Mush + Coni + Bataille (live) + Exal + Francis...

Music, Dance and electronic
75021 6B

This marks the 12th party for the 75021 collective, who have chosen not to fix something that ain't broken by setting up yet again in the fantastic 6B. And like the last time, we're able to enjoy 1000m2 of sand while drinking a club maté and eating a tasty gourmet snack. 

In terms of music, we're digging into the local scene with a great line-up of Parisian techno and house stars: the beautiful and talented Anetha, but also Mush, Syrob, Coni, Bataille, Exal, Francis, Hîm, Peev, Fall in a back-to-back with OramModularDJ Prophet, Rafiki, Ratha & DJ Rzo, Vidock, Pit Spector and Keat.

With the whole gang behind the decks, professional organisers behind the planning, and always a crowd in the mood for a good time, you can expect this to be a damn good party.


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