Arne Vinzon + Sydney Valette

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Arne Vinzon + Sydney Valette
Arne Vinzon

Launched into the spotlight by his 2011 hit 'Lente Dépression', vocalist Arne Vinzon (real name Arnaud Vincent) has since carved out a niche in the market with his surreally poetic lyrics and synthpop backing (courtesy of cousin Matthieu Devos). Vinzon's quirks may take some getting used to – judge for yourself by giving his hilarious track 'Les Otaries', an ode to Vincennes Zoo, a listen (we defy you to find another artist that sings the praises of 'cuddly wapitis' and 'heterosexual elephants'). But the duo's music benefits from extended playing time; it's a rare listener who hasn't come away enraptured.

Hard to imagine a more fitting opening act than Sydney Valette, whose cold wavesque electropop (with sprinklings of 8-bit noodling) evokes New Wave French band Taxi Girl. Valette doesn't so much sing as incant his lyrics, which demonstrate a knack for describing banal situations in a mesmerising way.


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