Black Strobe + Yan Wagner

Music, Dance and electronic
black strobe

Electric blues, black metal, straight-up house - with his cavernous LP collection and homemade synths, Arnaud Rebotini serves it all up with style. Since 1997, the moustachioed musician has carved out a career as one of the most in-demand producers in France, collaborating with the likes of Röyksopp and Rammstein. He and fellow DJ Ivan Samgghe (who’s since gone solo) were almost singlehandedly responsible for bringing electroclash to the UK with the 2002 track ‘Me and Madonna’; whether or not you see that as a good thing should help you decide whether this gig’s for you. Fans won’t need any convincing – this is a valuable opportunity to have a dark little boogie and sample Black Strobe’s latest productions.