Cosmic Machine : Cerrone + Space Art + Prins Thomas + Uncle O + Gaspirator + Turzi

Music, Funk, soul and disco
cosmic machine

Billing itself as 'a journey into the cosmic avant-garde and French electronica (1970-1980)', Cosmic Machine certainly isn't wanting in ambition or psychedelic pretention. Yet the night's trippy façade masks a sincere attempt to explore a long tradition of electronic instrumentation in French '70s pop, stretching from Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Michel Jarre to the first rumblings of house sub-genre 'French touch'. The event is well timed, given the revival of interest in disco and early house, and promises a big lineup: Cerrone, high priest of French disco; electro pioneers Space Art; Norwegian nu-disco aficionado Prins Thomas; Ed Banger signee Gaspirator; and others besides. A good ol' knees-up for the nostalgics.


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