Fête Souterraine #2: Rémi Parson + Antoine Loyer + Chevalrex

Music, Rock and indie
la souterraine

This underground party that we discovered at Le Chinois last March is returning for it's second edition on the 18th July. This time it's the Olympic Café where we'll be able to listen to French singers promoting the up-and-coming stars of underground pop. The night starts with Antoine Loyer, a 30-something years old composer who focuses as much on the lyrics as he does on the beat. Next up is Rémi Parson, a Frenchman now based in London who is the creator of his own simple and poetic brand of synthpop; and Chevalrex, the genius mixer of a sort of orchestrated pop descended from the style of François de Roubaix. Two obscure artists that La Souterraine could well bring into the limelight. 


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