Fireworks Festival : In Paradisum XIV - Mondkopf Live

Music, Dance and electronic
Mondkopf Paris concert musique

Mondkopf is a sort of musical omnivore who chews with his mouth open. There's no pinning down his music, which ranges from the thumping electro and glitchy Modeselektor-esque sounds of his debut EP 'The (Declaration of) Principles' to his more downbeat recent tracks, which betray his love for Aphex Twin. One way to try to make sense of Mondkopf's eclectic tastes is to head to his regular parties at the Rex, which bring together the best artists signed to his label In Paradisum. Another is to catch him on Feb 22 at La Gaîté Lyrique, where he'll be performing his new album 'Hadès' as part of the Fireworks Festival. God knows what he has in store for us.

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