Flying Lotus + Cashmere Cat + Soulist + Lapalux + Thundercat

Music, Rock and indie
Flying Lotus CAPTAIN MURPHY (Flying Lotus hip hop alias 1st live in France) CASHMERE CAT THUNDERCAT & LIVE BAND (1st live in Paris) LAPALUX (Live) SOULIST

Flying Lotus, ringleader of the American bass scene, is headlining this juicy party at the Yoyo, which is brought to you by La Rafinerie and Free Your Funk. Equally well versed in hip hop, funk and jazz (he is the nephew of Alica Coltrane after all), FlyLo reliably spices up his sets with an absurdly eclectic range of music. He'll also be bringing his rapper alter ego Captain Murphy to Yoyo.

Taking second billing are a roster of artists from FlyLo's Brainfeeder label: Lapalux, whose soulful electro-infused hip hop will add a spot of ambient music to the proceedings, and Thundercat, bassist extraordinaire who'll be performing his jazzy strains for the first time in France.


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