Flying Lotus + Thundercat

Music, Rock and indie
Flying Lotus CAPTAIN MURPHY (Flying Lotus hip hop alias 1st live in France) CASHMERE CAT THUNDERCAT & LIVE BAND (1st live in Paris) LAPALUX (Live) SOULIST

Producer, innovator, nephew to Alice Coltrane, doyen of Californian hip hop and ringleader of the American bass scene, Flying Lotus – FlyLo to his fans – is as multi-faceted as his astonishing music. His albums are a constellation of samples of everything from Santana to a ping-pong match, which he weaves into dark, oneiric textures that others then imitate. His best work, such as the 2012 long player 'Until The Quiet Comes', has inspired films (see below); the rest merely points the way for other producers.

FlyLo will be joined at Le Trianon by Thundercat, a bassist signed to his label Brainfeeder. Like his colleague, Thundercat springs from illustrious stock: his father, Ronald Bruner, drummed with the likes of The Temptations and Diana Ross. And like his colleague, he straddles the boundary between funk, pop, hip hop and more experimental territories with great dexterity.

With a pair like this at the helm, this night can't disappoint.

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