Footwork : Theo Parrish + Grego G

Music, Funk, soul and disco
theo parrish


A grandee of Chicago house, Theo Parrish is one of the few producers to have remained vital since the early days of the scene. This is partly down to the richness of his music, a mashup of influences from jazz (Miles Davis, Parrish's uncle Dexter Sims), soul (Stevie Wonder) and those artists who stood alongside him at the vanguard of house (Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy). This smorgasbord of styles translates into wild, digressive sets that never fail to enthrall, even when they take a half-hour detour through free jazz (as is often the case). After a successful night with Footwork late last year, Parrish will repeat the trick at the Showcase on Saturday. Parisian techno DJ Grego G supports.

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