Ibrahim Maalouf invite Socalled

Music, Rap, hip hop and R&B
Ibrahim Maalouf : "Diachronism"

Born in Lebanon in 1980 and currently residing in France, trumpeter Ibrahim Maaloufis distinguished by his ability to play quarter-tones, an Arabic modal system, on his instrument. His father, also a trumpet player, invented a special microtonal trumpet that’s able to play the maqams Maalouf uses in his music. Trained in classical music at two conservatories in Paris, he studied with famous classical trumpeter Maurice André, and went on to win many international competitions. His own compositions, recorded in three studio albums, are flavoured with eastern sounds and styles, but with a western approach. His latest is the 2011 release, ‘Diagnostic’.

Solicited by numerous artists like Salif Keita, Amadou and Mariam, Mathieu Chedid, Bumcello, Arthur H, Sting and Piers Faccini, Maalouf has created numerous hybrid compositions which have inspired him to keep composing. In February, he performs with the Canadian DJ and MC Socalled, the creator of Klezmer hip-hop.

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