La Canaille

Music, Rap, hip hop and R&B
La Canaille

These incendiary rap-rockers from Montreuil know how to cause a fuss. On their 2009 debut, the wonderfully titled 'Une goutte de miel dans un litre de plomb' ('A Drop of Honey in a Litre of Lead'), La Canaille rhapsodised about their diehard atheism, and got an earful (and not a few threats) from religious groups. Uncowed, they followed it up with two more albums, which have taken them away from hip hop into increasingly rock-inspired territory. Yet such generic labels are reductive when applied to a group that's as comfortable experimenting in Middle Eastern sounds as it is channeling a tradition of anarchic chanson that harks back to Léo Ferré and Georges Brassens. See them stir shit at Café de la Danse on November 3.


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