La Femme, Poni Hoax

La Femme concert Paris Rock en Seine sur la planche
©Emmanuel Chirache

Some saw La Femme on the Canal + music show 'Grand Journal' and immediately dismissed them as sell-outs. Yet this isn't fair, especially when you consider that their killer LP 'Psycho Tropical Berlin' was released on the independent label Born Bad. Melding together diverse 80s influences into a sound that's at once light and dark, danceable and broodingly contemplative, the album is one of the best things to happen to French rock in recent years.

Poni Hoax belong to that category of underground bands that are known without being famous. Proof: many have danced to their near-mythical track 'Antibodies' without knowing it. Not shy of experimenting with electro, the Poni Hoax are nevertheless emphatically a rock outfit, their minimalist new wave sound grounded in guitars and drums – not to mention Nicolas Ker's manic vocals. Their early releases, though well received by the curious few, didn't make waves across the rock scene; it's with their 2008 album 'Images of Sigrid' – a perfect blend of dark post-punk and trippy electro – that things took off, and their status was upgraded from 'best-kept secret' to 'most underrated band of the moment'.

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