Motorama, Dum Dum Girls

Motorama concert paris les aventuriers

Known for its unruly punk girls and its icy pop, the Russian tundra certainly harbours vast reserves of musical treasure. The five-strong coldwave outfit Motorama are living proof. Hailing from the middle-of-nowhere Caucasian town of Rostov-on-Don, Vladislav Parshin and his mates looked elsewhere for inspiration for their moniker: namely, the Barry Shils film about a young kid wandering aimlessly across the States. Thus Motorama was born – the heirs of Siberian Romanticism and Mancunian riffs. The group is touring to mark the rerelease of its first album 'Alps'.

Their name may reference the Iggy Pop tune 'Dum Dum Boy', but Dum Dum Girls are more indebted to the Ramones or the Ronettes. This indie-pop girl group sprung from California bring their considerable energies to their 60s pop melodies and garage stylings. Their first album didn't quite merit the media brouhaha that it stirred up; but their second, 2012's poppier 'In Dreams', is a good deal more polished. Catch them in their sexy black lace dresses at Les Aventuriers.

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