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Mustang groupe rock'n'roll
© Dimitri Coste

Anyone who's been tracking French rockers Mustang since the release of their debut 'A71' will cheer the news that they're back, with a near-simultaneous gig and album release. 'A71' and their sophomore effort 'Tabou' showcased their knack for weaving simple melodies into old-school rockabilly strains. But their tunes are no nostalgic '50s throwbacks – the trio have ingested their fair share of punk and new wave over the years, drawing on each to carve out a refreshingly straightforward pop sensibility. There aren't many bands in France doing what they're doing, let alone well, so their gig on April 3 will be manna from heaven for anyone who digs classic rock sounds. Keep an ear out for their new album, which comes out on March 31.


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