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Mustang groupe rock'n'roll
© Dimitri Coste

Anyone who's been tracking French rockers Mustang since the release of their debut 'A71' will cheer the news that they're back in style in 2014. 'A71' and their sophomore effort 'Tabou' showcased their knack for weaving simple melodies into old-school rockabilly strains. But their tunes are no nostalgic '50s throwbacks – the trio have ingested their fair share of punk and new wave over the years, drawing on each to carve out a refreshingly straightforward pop sensibility. Their latest album 'Ecran total', released in spring, represents a shift toward French chanson tradition. There aren't many bands in France doing what they're doing, let alone well, so their gig on November 24 will be manna from heaven for anyone who digs classic rock sounds.


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