Noisey Birthday : Black Lips + Frustration + Bosco Delrey

Music, Rock and indie

When Noisey organises a birthday party, it doesn't do it by halves. Tonight, Vice Magazine's music webzine invites not one but three top bands to La Cigale: Black Lips, Frustration and Bosco Delrey.

The notorious Georgia rock brats of Black Lips have been slowly growing up. Sure, they still have a tendency to whip out their willies and wee on each other – that possibility's never far off with the band – but over the last couple records the garage-psych devotees have been working with big-name producers to polish the 'Nam-era racket. They sound like a punkier Velvet Underground, act like Jackass and are are released on VICE Magazine's label – that's enough to know whether they're for you.

Heartbreak, hard work, mid-life crises… If you're looking for companions in misery, Frustration are your band. These idiosyncratic doyens of the Born Bad label have been producing their brand of bitter new wave for almost a decade now, and in that time they've built up a reputation for engaging (if sporadic) live shows.

Bringing up the rear is the Paris-based American Bosco Delrey. His name has been echoing around the blogosphere since Terrence Malick asked him to write some tracks for his upcoming film. In his latest EP 'Egyptian Holed Up', he comes across like a distant relative of Mac Demarco via Eels. In a good way.

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