Norah Jones

Norah Jones 2012

Who's a Norah Jones fan? Show of hands please! Since releasing her 2002 debut 'Come Away with Me', the 31-year-old singer has sold a brain-melting 37 million albums worldwide, yet we don't know anyone who will admit to owning any of her four releases. Maybe it's because Ravi Shankar's daughter is boxed in by such categories as 'traditional vocal pop' and 'adult contemporary'.  Of course, the Brooklyn-born singer's appeal is as obvious as the Bride of Wildenstein's cataclysmic plastic surgery. Doe-eyed and doll-like, Jones's honeyed tones glide effortlessly over a stream of mellow, jazz-tinged pop. Pulse-quickening music this is not, but for an enjoyable stroll down the middle of the road she's your girl.

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