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Fortunately for the somewhat poorer Parisians amongst us, life does not stop in August. Au contraire, because the city has finally become bearable. You don't need to haggle just to get a seat on a outdoor terrace, you can cross the road outside of zebra crossings, and even if your friends are sunning themselves beside a river in the Ardèche, your ice box is a moveable feast. The valiant Mécanique Ondulatoire will never leave in August in any case, and there are some great concerts planned there for this month, and for the date in question, the 11th August. The well-named band Ought is signed by Constellation, the iconic Canadian label known for plucking out talent (for example Eric Chenaux, Godspeed You!, Black Emperor or even Vic Chesnutt). Listening to their first EP 'New Calm' (or their album 'More Than Any Other Day'), you can tell that they've got influences of Fugazi, The Ex and other post-punk bands, and are, above all, talented. 


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