Paul Kalkbrenner Live

Music, Dance and electronic
Paul Kalkbrenner
Photograph: Pola Sieverding

Active in the German techno scene since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Kalkbrenner’s been called the ‘Godfather of techno’. He’s also an actor, having starred in 2006’s Berlin Calling, a biopic that could lend itself to a number of DJs around the world, chronicling the hard-partying, drug-dependent ritual that so many of the fast famous tend to fall into. Our pick from the man’s vast repertoire comes from the soundtrack to the film; as dark as the tale goes, this uplifting track offers hope not only with lyrics like ‘As long as we are flyin’/All this world ain’t got no end’ and ‘In the daytime/You will find me at your side/Tryin’ to do my best/And tryin’ to make things right’, but also with a melody that’s perfect for ringing in a new day of promise.

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