Technolita • Noir

Music, Dance and electronic

We would love to see the singer of the hit song 'Moi Lolita', Alizée, make a come-back under the alias Technolita and do five hour concerts at after-parties at Bergain. Unfortunately, the name is already taken. What a pity. She could always try to come and sign autographs at the next Technolita Noir at Glazart this Saturday. And if no one turns up? Well, at least there's plenty for her to see: sets from Bye Bye OceanMind RecordsWrecka Spinnazz ClubFlesh & Bones and Taapion. After that, she can hit the dancefloor which has DJ DeepFrancois XDead Rec Heads and Abby Syna spinning the decks. 

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