Thierry 'Titi' Robin

Music, Latin and world
Thierry Titi Robin

Thierry ‘Titi’ Robin has had a unique trajectory compared to other French musicians. Unlike most artists grouped under the rubric ‘world music’, who artificially mix diverse cultures along a theme in pursuit of a cohesive album, Robin is in permanent conversation with the countries and musicians that he feels close to. Since his beginnings in the ’80s, he has moved from discovery to discovery, collaborating with Indian, Moroccan and gypsy artists, always with the aim of sharing lines of inquiry and bringing together the heritage of different musical traditions.

Over the course of almost 20 albums, Robin has forged a solid reputation in France and worldwide, and has travelled everywhere with his inimitable, fluid guitar sounds. His latest project, ‘Les Rives’, brings together musicians from Morocco, India and Turkey, with one album for each country. It’s distributed equally in France and the countries where the music originates, so as to engage a varied public. On December 4, Robin will be at the Scène Watteau with musicians from India, Brazil, Morocco, Turkey and France for a concert celebrating this spirit of mutual discovery – it promises to be a memorable evenings, as all his live gigs are.

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