Time Out Paris Live #4 : Jessica 93 + Corbeaux

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Jessica 93
Jessica 93

France is the motherland of cold wave, proven yet again with the fourth Time Out Paris Live night at L’International, which brings together two groups from the genre. We kick off with Jessica 93 (a reference to the 1993's version of "Alice" by the Sisters of Mercy?), who in fact is just one man – Geoffrey Laporte has just signed his first dark, troubling LP, published in association with three quality labels: Teenage Menopause, Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu? and the record store Music Fear Satan. There’s something of the Soft Moon about Jessica 93, which is to say a hypnotic, cold guitar, perfect for mosh pits. Next to him, the Corbeaux, a group from Brittany influenced by the instrumental sounds of post-rock, even if melancholy remains the main sentiment in their songs. Listen to them here before their live set at L’International.

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