Tristesse Contemporaine

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Tristesse contemporaine

Tristesse Contemporaine creates a coldwave sound with dark lyrics, with influences of German krautrock. As the name indicates, listening to their music makes us want to gulp down cyanide more than paint rainbows, but we love being carried away by their hypnotic urban sounds. This trio which lives in Paris is pretty cosmopolitan: the Japanese Narumi on the piano next to the Swedish Léo on guitar and the Englishman Maik (the ex-singer for Earthling) on vocals. They seem to take great pleasure in encouraging the sense of mysticism around them, in spreading arty and mystic messages on their website - like the title for their song 'Hell is Other People', which references the platitude of Jean-Paul Sartre, 'L'enfer c'est les autres'. The strange story of their disappearance, narrated by their label Dirty, helps to maintain the mysterious aura around them and make more buzz. They will be live in concert at the Trabendo on the 2nd August, as part of the festival Bande Originale


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