Tunnel: Florian Meindl - Electric Rescue + D.KO Records

Music, Dance and electronic

No matter how long you spent on the métro today, Le Tunnel is one underground venue that you’ll want to hurry down to. Electro-lovers Lakomune are hosting events that will keep you moving from late on Friday night until dawn. This Friday night, D.ko Records is set to open the party followed by Austrian DJ Florian Meindl and his addictive tracks, and French DJ Electric Rescues Laurent Garnier-inspired techno.

Le Tunnel opened up in January in the old chalk quarries of Issy les Moulineaux. Further afield from the usual favourite Parisian nightclubs, this spot is worth the trip out of the city, regularly attracting floods of clubbers out to the suburbs. The techno DJs will have your ears ringing and your feet aching by the time you catch the early morning métro home. 



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