Twin Shadow

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Twin Shadow

Right in the middle of a hot summer (kind of), a little bit of shade and coolness cannot be refused. So even more reason to take advantage of Badaboum's kind offer of a Twin Shadow concert as part of his Eclipse Tour on the 27th August. The New Yorker featured Bruce Springsteen and Prince on his two first albums 'Confess' and 'Forget', and will use his new tour to reveal some new unknown songs from his third album. Amongst them is the recently unveiled 'To The Top', an eighties power ballad which is in direct contrast to his dance-pop single 'Old Love/New Love' which was recorded at the end of 2013 for the video game Grand Theft Auto V. His song 'Five Seconds' came out in April and is an aural mix of blue-eyed soul and the first productions of Factory Records, without leaving behind the lyrical prowess of the excellent 'Shooting Holes' or 'At My Heels'. A good omen for the third LP of this brilliant artist.


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