Vincent Peirani "Livin Being"

Music, Jazz
Vincent Peirani

Thought the accordion’s heyday was over? Vincent Peirani will change your mind. The lanky musician from Nice has been lighting up the capital’s jazz scene with his versatile performances: one day he’s collaborating with Korean singer Youn Sun Nah, the next he’s firing off gypsy tziganes in some sweaty Parisian venue (listen here). With every venture, he breathes new life into an instrument that’s long been out of favour in jazz circles – check out his debut album ‘Thrill Box’ for a taster of his more mellow, acoustic side. This Tuesday 22nd, he’ll be bringing together a new ensemble (featuring synths, keyboards and the drummer from saxophonist Guillaume Perret’s band) for what’s shaping up to be a barnstorming night at the Duc des Lombards; miss it, and you’ll miss out.