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Capucine (© LRD/Time Out Paris)
© LRD/Time Out Paris
Capucine (© LRD/Time Out Paris)
© LRD/Time Out Paris
Capucine (© LRD/Time Out Paris)
© LRD/Time Out Paris
Capucine (© LRD/Time Out Paris)
© LRD/Time Out Paris
Capucine (© LRD/Time Out Paris)
© LRD/Time Out Paris

This hidden Italian café is a tranquil setting for a special breakfast.

[This review refers only to the breakfast menu]

Many mourned the passing of Italian restaurant Caffè dei Cioppi on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, but Capucine has launched in its place, and it’s none too shabby. Plus, there’s the Pizzeria dei Cioppi around the corner, making this a fantastic area for eating Italian.

Hidden down a little pedestrianized alley, the Passage Saint-Bernard, Capucine is run by a couple of young Sardinian sisters, Stefania and Frederica Melis. The small room is prettily done out, with a black and white tiled floor, blond wooden fittings and small round tables placed in the bay window. Their rich, bitter coffee can be served as a familiar espresso, cappuccino or latte, but also macchiato (espresso with milk foam), marocchino (a very strong espresso with milk foam and cocoa) or shakerato (with ice cubes and a shot of flavoured liqueur) – and at €2.20-€4, you’d do well to stop in here instead of Starbucks. There’s green tea and Earl Grey too if you’re feeling over-caffeinated, and you can (and should) complete your breakfast with a home made croissant. Stick with the plain French version (€1.50), or go all out Italian-style with an enormous cornetti stuffed with home made crème pâtissière or apricot jam. As a taster of what Capucine can do, breakfast certainly hits the sweet spot, and we’ll be back for more.



Venue name: Capucine
Address: 159 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 9am-9pm
Transport: Metro: Ledru-Rollin or Faidherbe-Chaligny
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