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Causses, SoPi’s (SouthPigalle) new alimentation general extraordinaire, feels like an urban farm shop, offering a winning formula of simple quality, seasonal, produce (fruit ‘n’ veg, hams and cheeses), gourmet preserves and take-away breads, sandwiches and salads.  If you’re into your OJ, there’s a fill your own bottle area next to the orange squeezing machine. You’ll also find an array of interesting seasonings, including smoked salt and ‘sel fou’ (salt mixed with oriental spices and pink peppercorns). For expats in need of a taste of home, Tyrrell’s crisps, Covent Garden soups, HP sauce and quality English biscuits abound. There’s also a tempting array of Italian deli pastas and sauces.

If you fancy freeing your inner chef, Causses is affiliated with 'Esprit Cuisine' cooking school, run by Nathaly Nicolas-Ianniello. The principle is easy - you go shopping, then learn how to prepare delicous, wholesome dishes with what you’ve just bought (contact Nathaly by mail:


Venue name: Causses
Address: 55 rue Notre-Dame de la Lorette

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9.30pm
Transport: Métro Pigalle, Saint Georges
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