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3 out of 5 stars
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Mandoobar's décor is understated: haphazardly layered wood planks cover the walls, glossy tabletops gleam, Korean music emanates from a record slowly turning under its pin, and a traditional Korean geomungo instrument decorates one of the walls. 

Seating a maximum of ten people at a time, Mandoobar breaks down the wall between kitchen and dining space. Rather than just plating up dishes, chef and founder Kim Kwang-loc puts on a live show: standing between the tabletops laid out in a square around him, he works away filling orders while explaining every aspect of his craft. 

The menu is basic, featuring steamed ravioli (beef or vegetable), two types of tartare (beef or tuna) and sides of salad, soup or soy rice (€8 for 10 raviolis, €9 for a tartar and €3 euros for a side dish). The ingredients are well chosen and cunningly put together to make a very pleasing meal – only the light, melting ravioli are pre-prepared. The vegetable ones contain a huge variety of ingredients including tofu, sesame seeds, chives and leek, while the meat in the tartares is bought fresh from the butcher’s down the road. 

Ingredients fly around as the expert chef chops, seasons and fries – the experience of viewing each step of the preparation is almost as enjoyable as the meal itself. Do be sure to book ahead as the limited places fill up fast. Look out for the saké selection as well – Kwang-loc is an expert and will guide you through the three types on offer.  

By: Guillaume Billard/MH


Venue name: Mandoobar
Address: 7 rue d’Edimbourg

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm; Sat 7pm-11pm
Transport: Métro : Europe ou Rome
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