The best full English breakfasts in Paris

Because sometimes a croissant and a cup of coffee doesn't quite hit the spot.
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Ah brunch, the most satisfying meal of the day, provided it's done properly. While we love Paris's typical French brunches, we all need good ol' fry-up every once in a while. So if you're craving that classic fried-egg-bacon-sausage combo, check out our top full English breakfast picks, plus some interesting variations.

By Leonie Cater.

The best full English breakfasts in Paris

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Breakfast in America

icon-location-pin Jussieu
'B.I.A Brunch Menu' - €16.95

Come to Breakfast in America for bona fide American diner surroundings, all-day breakfasts and artery clogging delights like sticky pecan pie, washed down with bottomless mugs o’ Joe. Needless to say it’s a hit with the brunch crowd who queue up outside, rain or shine. Fortunately turn over is quite fast, so you rarely have to wait more than half an hour. The €15.95 brunch menu gets you comfort staples like sausages, bacon and eggs (over-easy, sunny-side up or scrambled) with toast and fries.
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Frenchie To Go

icon-location-pin Sentier
'Bacon Sandwich' - €7.50 (plus egg and/ or cheddar - extra €1)

For a true slice of Great Britain, go for Frenchie To Go's Bacon sandwich/English muffin with the extra egg - their high-quality produce makes it a real breakfast treat. We love this New York deli-style takeaway sandwich bar - it's the latest addition to the Frenchie family by Grégory Marchand and his team, so naturally wildly popular: come early to avoid the queues. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat inside, but more likely you’ll end up on one of the peaceful benches set around the streets and squares of Paris's ‘Little Egypt’.
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icon-location-pin Canal Saint-Martin
'Eggs and sides' - €13.50

Holybelly's beautiful full English is a sight for sore eyes. For €13.50, choose how you want your two eggs cooked and pick two sides from a mouthwatering list of bacon, mushrooms with garlic and thyme, fennel-infused sausage patties, hashbrowns, slow-cooked tomatoes, halloumi cheese, leafy greens and - of course - bacon (from France's Mayenne region no less). Served all throughout the week, this is the brunch to perk up your day. 

© Marcel
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icon-location-pin Rennes-Sèvres
'Full English breakfast' - €14

Marcel is a prime example of the Paris brunch phenomenon, its eager devotees being prepared to queue right into the afternoon for a piece of the eggy action. Their stylish English breakfast features perfectly fried eggs (rare in Paris), beautifully crispy bacon, a surprising addition of roast potatoes – their take on the classically British hash brown – and plump roasted tomatoes, still on the vine. And if you still have room after all that, their sweeter brunch offerings make for great desserts. Their waffles? Heavenly.
© Rose Bakery
Restaurants, British

Rose Bakery

icon-location-pin Pigalle
'Eggs, bacon, tomates, champignons' - €17.50

This English-themed café run by a Franco-British couple stands out for the quality of its ingredients – all organic or from small independent producers. Brunch is served at weekends and on bank holidays to a packed-out house; and their full English consists of eggs, bacon (directly imported from England), tomatoes and mushrooms - all of which is delicious. Round off your morning with their too-good-to-be-true puddings: carrot cake, sticky toffee pudding and, in winter, a chocolate-chestnut tart.
Bars and pubs

The Bombardier Pub

icon-location-pin Quartier latin
'Full English breakfast' - €16.95/ 'Vegetarian breakfast' - €14

The Bombardier is the place to drink stout in peace and indulge in nostalgia for the other side of the channel, if you feel so inclined. It's a great find for locals and students in search of quality beer, as long as you're okay with the decor – blackboards announcing the latest sports matches. Their generous, unfussy English breakfast is unabashedly British and comes with all the trimmings: eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, fried tomatoes. It's the authentic English breakfast experience.
© Twinkie Breakfasts
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Twinkie Breakfasts

icon-location-pin Réaumur
'English breakfast' - €23

What would happen if a restaurant dedicated itself to brunch, serving it all day, every day of the week? That’s the genius idea behind Twinkie Breakfasts – a New York loft-style restaurant with stone walls and tiling reminiscent of the metro, complete with Scandinavian furniture. Go for the English breakfast menu (there are several options from Greek to Scandinavian) for a simple, homely plate of two poached eggs, English sausages, crispy bacon, baked beans and a crumpet with a hot drink of your choice and a freshly squeezed juice. Plus, a basket of various organic breads, nutella, and their legendary home made jams.

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