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La pâtisserie de Cyril Lignac

4 out of 5 stars

France's answer to Mary Berry, a baking superstar with 5 boutiques across Paris.


Time Out says

Cyril Lignac is the equivalent of Mary Berry, a chef turned food celebrity. Made famous in 2005 thanks to the program Oui Chef,  the chef-pâtissier is still on all television sets, whether that be on Top Chef or Le Meilleur Patissier. He’s everywhere.

But Cyril doesn’t just dominate the tv screen. In Paris, he’s the boss of the bistrot Chardenoux on rue Jean Vallès, a chocolate factory and obviously a patisserie. Cyril Lignac now has five boutiques all over the capital: in the 6th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 17th arrondissements of Paris. They are small with a minimalist vibe where you simply come to enjoy his best breads and pastries.

Offering traditional or natural sourdough bread: you’ll scoff down every crumb – made with flour from the Viron mill and Charentes Poitou butter – it is organic farming at its finest. And only €1,20 for the finely gilded tradition. On the pastry side, Cyril Lignac has teamed up with Benoît Couvrand (ex-Fauchon) to offer a boutique range of classical and gourmet creations. The Equinoxe, is THE signature pastry (priced at €6.50). The round (grey!) cake is made with light cream and vanilla bourbon, salted caramel butter and praline. Not to mention its ash-like coat and exquisite decoration. The lemon tart, both classic and delicate, is made with a hazelnut biscuit and the Paris-Brest is lined with a hazelnut praline from Piedmont to give you that immediately required satisfaction.


133 rue de Sèvres
Métro: Duroc
Opening hours:
Du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 19h, le samedi et dimanche de 9h à 19h.
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