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Music Fear Satan
Nicolas Hecht

Nicolas started selling stuff online in 2004: new releases, all in genres that make neighbours hammer on the walls – doom, sludge, noise rock, death and black metal, etc. Then, tiring of hawking his wares from his sofa, he raised some capitl and opened Music Fear Satan at the end of 2010. When asked if it wasn’t a little risky in the current economic climate, he replies frankly that he never knew the golden age of records, and that he knows very well that he’s started ‘with both feet in the shit’.

The mire looks pretty good, though – around 25 square metres devoted to metal and its derivatives (the Relapse label is well-represented), but also new indie rock releases. Vinyl rubs shoulders peaceably with CDs, and anyone broke with still find some good sale items and old 45s. As well as the shop and the mail-order business, Music Fear Satan has founded a label that’s managed a dozen releases, including from Pneu and Austrasian Goat.



Venue name: Music Fear Satan
Address: 4 bis rue Richard Lenoir

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm
Transport: Métro : Charonne

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