Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert

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Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert
Jessica Orchard Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert

Fancy breathing new life into your Great Aunt Maud’s old curtains? Head to Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert, where the fabrics used on every satchel, cushion, clothes item and bed throw started life somewhere else – usually on French soldiers’ backs, in a flea market or in a granny’s wardrobe. This duo of créateurs uses recycled army fabrics, bold vintage material and antique embroideries in all of their designs, turning this boutique-cum-gallery into a veritable Ali-Baba’s cavern of khaki grey, sunflower yellow, polka dot blue and lace.  The designs – all highly wearable – also happen to be counter-current to mainstream fashion, so you can buy, safe in the knowledge that you’ll never meet anybody with exactly the same jacket or bag as you!


Venue name: Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert
Address: 55 rue Charlot

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10am-1pm, 2-7pm
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