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© Soralino

Circus company ‘Soralino’ premiers its first piece: a Beckettian performance about the ‘importance of doing useless things’.

French acrobat Clément Malin and Italo-Brazilian juggler Caio Sorana will début their first collaboration, ‘Inbox’, during Paris’s Festival Quartier d’Été. ‘A domestic illustration of the Sisyphus myth’, this hybrid piece (part contemporary dance performance, part acrobatics) sees the two performers dressed in ill-fitting clothing – the taller man’s costume is too tight while the shorter man’s is too baggy – and interacting with cardboard boxes: folding and unfolding them, carting them around the stage, balancing them against their bodies only to spectacularly lose grip. You wouldn’t think this scenario, pointless and repetitive as it is, would make for riveting theatre, but Malin and Sorana’s conceit is rich with implied meaning. Are they movers? Shopkeepers? Amazon employees? Fascinated by the relationship between man and object, the two artists explore Beckettian themes of futility, precariousness, resistance and (naturally) collaboration. 


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