Harry Potter: L'exposition

Museums, Film and TV
3 out of 5 stars

It’s broomsticks, bludgers and Bertie Botts beans galore as the Harry Potter exhibition arrives in Paris. Showing at Luc Besson’s film studio complex La Cité du Cinéma, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey through Harry, Hermione and Ron’s action-packed years at Hogwarts with a selection of original costumes, sets and props used in the Warner Bros films.

The exhibition starts out interactive and immersive: the sorting hat determines your house, the Hogwarts Express chugs by, and a grandiose singing portrait of the Fat Lady sends you on your way. You can play with squealing potted mandrakes, try your hand at throwing a quaffle through a Quidditch hoop, lay eyes on the Philosopher’s Stone or pay a visit to Hagrid’s over-sized den. The selection of objects is-wide-ranging and detailed – sure to surprise even the most devoted Harry Potter fans.   

The magical experience however peters out into a banal costume display as the short exhibition progresses. Descriptions are brief, and at €22 a ticket, we would have liked to see some more information on how the films work behind the scenes. Young fans will doubtless be pleased, but don’t expect any true cinematic magic. 


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