Carnaval Tropical 2016

Paris’s streets fill up with music, dance and barbecued food at the annual carnival celebration, Saturday June 4 2016
Carnaval Tropical de Paris
via Wikimedia Commons
By Huw Oliver |

When? Saturday June 4 2016
What? Carnival! Feast your eyes on a winding procession of dancers and floats.
Where? Across Paris

Thousands of shimmying dancers, sweet-smelling food vans and myriad brightly coloured floats will line Paris’s boulevards on Saturday June 4 this year for the massive annual Carnaval Tropical parade. Now celebrating its 15th year of multicultural fun, the City-run event initially focused on Caribbean party culture, but now brings together circus and dance groups from all around the world  (Colombia, Brazil, England, China, and so on). We suggest you wrap up a fresh, summery picnic, slip on something daringly fluorescent, and inject your weekend with a splash of carnival colour here.

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