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Christmas lights in Paris

It’s not for nothin’ they call it the City of Light

Place Vendôme illuminé  (© Denis Thuillier )
© Denis Thuillier

Place Vendôme

Elegant place Vendôme got its name from a hôtel particulier built by the Duc de Vendôme that stood on the site. Opened in 1699, the eight-sided square was conceived by Hardouin-Mansart to show off an equestrian statue of the Sun King, torn down in 1792 and replaced in 1806 by the Colonne de la Grande Armée.


Champs Elysées Noël  (© Photogranophie.fr )
© Photogranophie.fr

Champs Élysées

Eco-friendly lights ringing the trees and a snowflake-esque Ferris wheel make the world’s most beautiful avenue even more endearing at Christmas. The now-familiar LED 'Tree Rings' circling the 200 plane trees along the wide avenue bring a futuristic flavour to Christmas on the Champs-Elysées, with programmed displays seeing the lights glow in differing degrees of brightness from dusk till 2am.


Christmas lights  (© Frédéric Bisson )
© Frédéric Bisson

Avenue Montaigne

True to form, the lighting installations along this glamorous avenue – home to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and the Plaza Athénée – bring to mind the twinkle and delicious trickle of Champagne. 


Bercy Village (© Emmanuel Chirache)
© Emmanuel Chirache

Bercy Village

Lighting up the paved streets and alleyways of the once-upon-a-time medieval village, the neon ceiling of stars and snowflakes brings Christmas bang up to date. For more information, click here.


Rue Mouffetard  (© Guerric )
© Guerric

Rue Mouffetard

Pick up cheese, wine and chocolates for your holiday party while skipping under a canopy of lights on one of Paris’s most adorable cobbled walkways

Take Paris's monuments and streets, already awash in an atmospheric nightly glow, and add more than a few strings of fairy lights, glittering snowflakes and garlands. Voilà – you've got Paris at Christmas. Each neighborhood has its own bit of holiday décor, but we've got a few classic favourites.




City's lights