Blues Jam Party At Steel Horse Saloon

Blues Jam Party At Steel Horse Saloon
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Blues Jam Party At Steel Horse Saloon says
Kick Start Your Weekend at the Jam Party on Thursdays!

It's northwest Phoenix's fun, friendly and live, ALL BLUES and Blues Rock event!

Whether you play or sing Blues, ride a motorcycle, or just appreciate those who do, come have fun and kick start your weekend early!

Every Thursday- except for Red & White Bike Nights or holidays... please check the Steel Horse Saloon calendar

The Steel Horse Saloon is Arizona's "Original" Biker Bar. With its world famous Hawg Pen food, plus its local and national television stories, this promises to be a fun event.

What to expect...
All Musicians and Blues Lovers Welcome... Before you come to Jam Party, it's important to know you will be playing through our guitar amps, harmonica amp, and bass amp. Quick pedal board connections are fine. Keys and KB amps are welcome with quick change outs.

Frequently Asked Questions
"I play Rock and write my own songs. Can I do those?". That's terrific but no. THIS is a "Blues" jam. It's not an open mic, not Rock, not Country, Rap or Folk music. Musicians play Blues together with other awesome musicians, just like you. If you have written a Blues song, we'd love to hear it- as long as it is your basic Blues form that everyone else can follow without teaching them on stage.

"Can I use my own amp?" No... Wait, let us reconsider.... OK, still No. However, FAST pedal hookups are fine. This is a party for everyone. Besides the house does not want the liability of your gear getting damaged or stolen.

"But I won't have my own sound without my amp. Why can't I use mine?"
Seriously, this jam is 12 to 20 minutes of playing together with other musicians so its about having fun and making music with other musicians. Numerous very talented gigging band musicians and recording musicians have sounded just fine through our gear. You'll be fine, too.
As we said, keyboard amps are ok since we do not provide one but change out needs to be simple and fast. But we do provide a channel on the PA for keys so Keys without an amp is ok too. Please bring your instrument cables, picks, drum sticks... KIS rule here.

Hosted by First String with Buzzsaw & Toolshed. Signup list goes up 1/2 hour before the opening set. When it gets busy it is best to arrive early as everyone will play on a first in basis.

No Cover for Customers

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