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The 19 best things to do in Phoenix

We'll get right down to it: the best things to do in Phoenix are heavy on the art. From The Hive, a central collective that highlights visual and performing arts purveyors, to the Heard Museum, dedicated to all things American Indian art, the capital of Arizona is filled with attractions that are sure to tickle travelers' interests. More into a city's gastronomical scene? Phoenix is home to a slew of top-notch restaurants that run the gamut from hole-in-the-wall family joints to James Beard-award winning locales—and we suggest you try them all.  Next up: the music culture, which thrives on sounds old and new, with spots overflowing with local and touring acts every night of the week. Residents also pride themselves on local comedic talents and theatre offerings. What else could you wish for? Get exploring, the best things to do in Phoenix are sure to entertain. 

The 20 best restaurants in Phoenix

What makes the best restaurants in Phoenix truly great is their scope: from ethnic treasures to James Beard award-winning spots, hole-in-the-wall family joints and fancy hotel eateries, the capital of Arizona is home to a food scene that is, to put it simply, very underrated. Speaking of Arizona: the state is known for churning out some of the top burritos, chimichangas (deep-fried burrito) and fried bread across the country, so make sure to taste it all while in town.  Fair warning, though: you'll be so full after, you might have to spend the rest of your day convalescing in your hotel room or walking the deliciousness off (in preparation for your next meal, of course) while browsing through our list of best things to do in Phoenix and the most amazing local attractions. 

The 20 best hotels in Phoenix

Phoenix gets more than 22 million visitors each year. And with so much to do here, it’s no wonder. The city’s hot spots are numerous: college and professional sports arenas, top notch dining establishments, landmarks offering beautiful views and close access to places like Sedona and the Grand Canyon. The city is also known for its opulent spas and hotels. Here are some of our very favorite places to stay at, whether for your out-of-town visitors, during a family staycation or when in town for a business trip. In an effort to feature only the very best on our list, we include beautiful hotels in Scottsdale as well, a mere 15-minute drive from Phoenix proper.

5 gorgeous ways to get from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon

Part of what makes the Grand Canyon so spectacular is its isolation in the vast Arizona desert. The closest city, Flagstaff, is a good 75-miles from Grand Canyon National Park’s southern rim, while Phoenix lies more than 200 miles away. So despite being one of North America's most iconic wonders (with about 6 million visitors every year!) getting to the Grand Canyon without a car is a surprisingly complicated web of planes, trains, and buses—or you could always spring for a helicopter. But if you're planning to make the trip, here are the best ways to get from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.  RECOMMENDED: The best things to do in Phoenix 

The 20 best attractions in Phoenix

The hundreds of beautiful sunny days per year certainly lend a hand when exploring the best attractions in Phoenix. From the nationally acclaimed Phoenix Zoo (the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the country) to Camelback Mountain, which gets its name from its shape when seen from a distance, you'll notice that some of the best things to do in town involve the outdoors—and why not? When in Phoenix, you'll want to revel in the weather as much as possible. Lovers of the indoors, worry not: we've got you covered (no pun intended). Our list of top attractions includes a bunch of must-see restaurants and bars, outstanding in both décor and offerings.  And, yes, at the top of our ranking is a hotel—but not just any hotel. The Phoenician is stunning, has been visited by Presidents and shares property with the Jokake Inn, a private home from the 1900s that is now used for special events. That is surely attractive now isn't it? RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best things to do in Phoenix

The best cheap hotels in Phoenix

Not only is Phoenix part of one of the largest states in the country, it also happens to be right in the middle of that state, clearly a must-visit for anyone looking to explore all of Arizona. While there are a ton of things to do on a single day in Phoenix, we must suggest staying overnight to experience the city like only a true local would. Looking not to spend a fortune on your little vacation? Forego the best hotels in Phoenix and opt to stay at one of the best cheap hotels in town, which include some budget-friendly accomodations in nearby Scottsdale (just a 15-minute drive away!). You are very welcome.