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The best marijuana dispensaries in Portland

These top dispensaries in Portland make the city one of the best places to buy legal weed in the US


With a well-established medical industry and a city culture that celebrates artisanal, farm-to-table fare, the City of Roses has proved fertile ground for a vibrant legal cannabis scene. Dispensaries in Portland have personality. There’s thoughtful design, and experiential brands that create unique experiences for visitors – not to mention some of the strictest purity and potency requirements in the country. It makes for a very fun, safe environment for shoppers to explore and enjoy. 

There are hundreds of dispensaries in Portland, and, beyond cannabis, there’s a thriving hemp scene as well. You can enjoy a CBD mocktail with snacks at East Fork Cultivars’ Hemp Bar in Southeast, or visit Make and Mary in Northeast for CBD tonics, skincare and general ritual supplies. 

Consumption lounges are unfortunately not a thing here, although some spots have managed to fly under the radar and certain hotels quietly feature weed-friendly smoking decks. There’s always an ample selection of nearby natural areas that make for perfect settings to enjoy your newly purchased goodies. (And you might want to hit up these food trucks and donut shops after.) 

Here are the local favorites and the must-see stores that make Portland one of the best places to buy legal weed in the US. 

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Best dispensaries in Portland

This airy, botanically-themed space is like a secret garden tucked off one of Portland’s busiest thoroughfares. It has a reputation for being a women-friendly shop, though it’s unclear whether that was intentional from the start, or just the demographic that ended up enjoying shopping there the most.

Details like decorative moss, living plants and a physical, bound menu on real paper give the shop a grounded feel, although the selection is as good as the fanciest, big-dog shops in the city. There’s a large selection of edibles and topicals in particular here, including various transdermal patches (great for targeted pain relief) and tinctures for every ailment and anxiety.

When the industry first went legal, a wave of replaceable dispensaries carrying mediocre product arose. Farma cut through the noise with its clean, friendly, plant-centric pharmacy vibe, putting the science of the plant first.

It was the first to thoughtfully organize offerings into uplifting and relaxing selections, using their own unique metrics to better categorize the effects of each strain. The flower is meticulously curated, as are the other modest offerings of vaporizers, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and edibles. Everything is simplified – just one or two great options for each type of product. It’s the kind of shop where first-timers and long time stoners alike get excited at the counter. 


No city cares about your retail cannabis experience like Portland, and no shop does sophisticated, upscale smokeables like Serra. Both locations are like art galleries on their own, with pristine interiors of white marble, gold fixtures and light wood. The Downtown shop actually features a beautiful set of paintings by Maja Dlugolecki, each inspired by the different feelings of cannabis effects.

House farm Pruf Cultivar prides itself on next-level terpene ratios grown in cutting edge cultivation facilities, and Serra’s gumdrops are delicious, chewy five mg gummies. They’ve also collaborated with local bean-to-bar chocolatier Woodblock Chocolate on a range of strain-specific chocolate bars designed to create tailored effects. Don’t forget to take your signature selfie beneath the ‘Quality Drugs’ neon sign. 

A groovy brand inspired by the counterculture of the 1960s, visiting Electric Lettuce is like entering a time machine. Lose yourself in a chill, Summer of Love ambience, and an actual listening area where you can put on a record and tune out for a bit. Once you’re ready to buy your buds, all menus are arranged by frequency: Active for upbeat, energizing effects; Groovy for a relaxing body high; Cosmic for cerebral, spacy effects. It’s more accurate than the overly simplified sativa/indica breakdown, although it requires familiarization with the colour-coded system.

You’ll find a slightly different vibe at each of the ten-plus locations throughout the Portland area, but you can expect the same retro charm and quality menus of well-curated flower, vapables, and edibles at every Lettuce outpost. Pickup and delivery available.


Somewhere is more than just a dispensary. It aims to provide thoughtful goods ‘from the natural world’ with potted monsteras, cacti and carnivorous plants available for sale. Hand blended teas by local brand t project sit beside cannabis flower grown from carefully vetted farms. For something more vapable, they carry a range of cartridges and all-in-one pens like the Quill, and the edible collection includes local favorites like Leif Goods’ 1:1 Mint Hibiscus Chocolate Bar.

Somewhere also hosts a gardening workshop in the spring, offering free grow kits and in-person experts to help get people growing their own cannabis. 

A welcome outpost of the esteemed Bend-based cannabis brand, Oregrown's Portland location is a more sophisticated, aesthetically aware iteration of the outdoorsy dispensary. There’s a selfie-worthy, custom, tiered couch that could fit 15 people, an interactive PAX exhibit, and a slick apparel area packed with branded merch you’d actually want to wear – even some camping gear you’d realistically use.

Their house Oregrown flower is great, but they carry a really impressive selection of the state’s best in general, especially in the flower and edible categories. Looking for a five mg edible? They’ve got an option in every flavor that’s made with every kind of concentrated cannabis. Live resin, rosin, CO2 oil – it’s a really nuanced range of products that are all proven to have reliable effects.


Kings of Canna is where you’ll find cigar room-vibes – warm, low lighting and luxurious details – without any of the pretension. The products, though displayed against red velvet in a stunning wraparound glass case, are priced very reasonably.

This family-owned operation has long-term relationships with many of the more elite boutique farms in town, accessing great prices on a variety of grow styles. You can find beloved indoor cultivators like Nelson & Co. Organics on the shelves for $14/g, as well as a variety of generic – but very decent – flower for just $60/ounce. There’s also premium extracts ranging from $10/g to the hash rosin and the ‘champagne’ of concentrates, live resin, at $65/g by Zen Extracts. Plus vape pens, edibles, tinctures, beverages, and topicals – it’s all there, in a mellow atmosphere.

Formerly known as Green Hop, this is a hip-hop–themed dispensary, with old-school beats on the speakers and floor-to-ceiling street art lighting up the walls. What really matters, though, is how Green Muse looks at terpene and potency reports to organize its flower menu, giving strains nicknames like Easy-E and Stevie Wonder according to their effects and vibe.

Or there’s the way it has established an internship program teaching employable skills to local, at-risk young adults. Green Muse hopes to bring the neighborhood back to the neighborhood in an empowering way. 


This sweet, women-led neighborhood shop is a reliable stop for top-shelf flower and premium concentrates. But its presence here has a lot to do with its charming space that includes a must-see weed swing. At Eden’s Southeast Portland location, you can live out your fairy fantasy on an oversized wooden swing covered in vines, beneath the flattering glow of a pink neon sign reading ‘It’s 4:20 Somewhere.’

Everything is cute here, from the Fire'n Jane reusable joint packs and CBN and CBG-dominant joints by Lady Jays to the award-winning Happy Cabbage Farms vape cartridges and sparkly Gron Pearl gummies. The flower selection includes many local favorites, and prices are competitive with other, simpler stores in the area. 

Five Zero Trees does a fantastic job of streamlining the experiences at all of its locations (which stretch to the Oregon coast), offering consistent quality and variety across its massive flower and concentrate menus. The spacious budrooms put the buds first, displaying flower in glass jars with great lighting for shoppers to better peruse the overwhelming selection.

It carries High Noon Cultivation, Resin Ranchers, LOWD, Magic Hour – many of the top names in indoor cannabis in Oregon, plus sungrown stars like Pilot Farm. All locations also feature a huge array of glassware and smoking devices in a variety of sizes and appendages. Since this chain is well-established, you can always expect quick, professional service from experienced budtenders, too. 


Another charming Southeast Portland neighborhood shop, Mongoose proves just how much can be done with a small but strategic space. A space adorned with, yes – mongooses.

There’s still enough room to contain one of the best tincture and high-potency concentrate spots in town, with fantastic prices on the high-CBD RSO oils most beneficial to those with chronic conditions. There’s a walk-up window option for those who forgot their mask, and because the flower selection is on the modest end, they seem to keep their turnaround more consistent as the flower is always fresh. 

In the center of the small store, there’s also sort of gift area with cannabis-inspired coloring books and art magazines, and there’s a case of more intricate glass pieces for sale as well.

Among the brands that made the evolution from medical to recreational, few have excelled like Oregon’s Finest. Both locations are tourists’ favorites, featuring awe-inspiring arrays of smoking devices, flower, vape options and edibles – from cake pops and infused ginger beers to sour candies and infused cooking sauces.

They are like legal cannabis emporiums, where you’ll find brands from all over the state that made it through OF’s strict vetting process. The shops run smoothly despite the regular foot-traffic, with experienced teams and remodeled spaces to increase air flow. They’re also big parts of their neighborhoods – one is the spot to go before the Blazer game, the other in the middle of the Pearl District’s Art Walks every First Thursday, for which they convert their reception area into a mini gallery for a local artist.

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