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Community Alternatives To Police
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Part 4 of the Conversation

If you missed part 1, 2, and 3 please make sure to come out to have your voice heard.

We are over-policed.
We are not treated with dignity and respect by our public servents.

They come into our neighborhoods and we no longer have safe spaces.

We are criminalized when we are breaking no laws.

We hear a lot of idea's on how to prevent police violence on Black folks.

We talk a lot about restorative justice, community oversight, police commissions, reform....

What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to protect our communities from the police, while maintaining actual peace in our communities?

What does it look like when we take it upon ourselves to de-escalate situations the right way. While keeping dignity and respect for our fellow community members?

What does it look like when we care for, instead of criminlize, those without homes or those with mental challenges?

How do you envision it to work?

Let's talk about it as a commmunity.

From there we can build a structure that helps to end state violence on Black folks.

Let's take our communities back!
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By: Black Lives Matter Sacramento