G Hum #2 An F.U. To Donald Trump Via Good Vibrations

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G Hum #2   An F.U. To Donald Trump Via Good Vibrations
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G Hum #2 An F.U. To Donald Trump Via Good Vibrations says
About 5 years ago i got 85 people together to all play the chord of "G" and parade around Sacramento for no reason whatsoever other than our own personal enjoyment. I want to gather again for the same reason to highten our vibrations during this horrendous time. I'm completely open to suggestions as to how to make this stand out more to the public and how to maneuver this event towards progress towards a better way of doing things.

This is essentially what the event will look/feel/sound like -

If youre interested please mark yourself down as "Going" but that is not all. Please email me at trudeau.daniel5@gmail.com so i can collect your phone number so I can literally manually remind you about the event.

Here is how it works -
1. You may play any instrumet so long as it can generate the chord of "G". That includes keyboards, pianos on skateboards, guitars, trumpets, flutes etc etc.

2. Bring a battery operated tuner so that we can tune all the instruments to "G"

3. We will meet at Southside Park in Sacramento (Address listed on page) at 4pm. Dress warm.

4. If you feel that you would like to adorn yourself in clothing that shows your hatred or digust for Donald Trump please do.
**Know that this is a peaceful rally and we will not need to use any words to convey our message so signage and clothing relating to your distate in our president elect is the best way to get the point across**

Music is the lifes blood of humanity. I hope to see you there
<3 - Daniel
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