Star Trek Attack Wing: A Matter Of Honor Rerun

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Star Trek Attack Wing: A Matter Of Honor Rerun
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Star Trek Attack Wing: A Matter Of Honor Rerun says
Players will receive 1 random Booster Pack and must add 30 SP from this Booster Pack (including the ship
and/or any Captain or Upgrade Cards) to their 90 SP Fleet Build bringing the Total Fleet Build to 120 SP. Builds must be ship pure.

There will be a $15 entry fee to cover the Booster Pack ship.

Players may not alter what constitutes the pre-built 90 point fleet after receiving their Booster

While participating in an officer exchange program, your fleet has become engaged with an enemy fleet and an unknown substance has been discovered on the hulls of the ships of both fleets. The substance is a rare subatomic bacteria capable of doubling in size at a rapid rate and reacting with compounds in the structures of your ships' hulls. If not treated, it will destroy the ships, but a method has been found to remove this destructive bacteria using a tunneling neutrino beam. Will your fleet be able to survive both the enemy fleet and the subatomic bacteria?

We will be using the new:
• 120 Points per fleet
• Minimum 3 Ships per fleet
• 50 Points maximum per ship (at the start of the game) including all upgrades, captains, admirals, and resources assigned to the ship. During game play, it might be possible that you will exceed 50 points through game effects that let you steal or add upgrades to your ship.
• If your ship’s base cost is 43 points or more you may add up to 8 Points for upgrades (Crew, Tech, Weapons, and Borg) as well as a captain even if those cards bring your cost over 50 points.
• If there is a Blind Booster, 30 of your available Fleet Points are reserved for use with game elements from your Blind Booster leaving 90 points to build your fleet. The game elements in your Blind Booster may not be mixed with the 90 points from the rest of your fleet. The Blind Booster ship counts toward the 3 ships minimum.
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