Weedeater King Parrot Badr Vogu Cura Cochino

Weedeater   King Parrot   Badr Vogu   Cura Cochino
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Weedeater King Parrot Badr Vogu Cura Cochino says
(sludge metal legends from the swamps of North Carolina)

King Parrot
(trash/grind/punk/metal from Australia)

B├Ądr Vogu
(sludge/doom from Oakland)

Cura Cochino
(local filthy sludge in Spanish)

"With a sound and presence like no other band in the world, Weedeater stand apart from all others, both live and on their recordings. Their unfiltered and unrefined energy surges uncontrollably through the band and anyone who bears witness to their live show. Spite and deep resentment somehow fuse with comedy and maximum volume to produce an indignant, vomitous (both figuratively and sometimes literally) performance that is forced upon the willing yet hapless crowd. You are instantly swallowed whole by both Dixie and Shep's nearly indistinguishable monster bass and guitar tones, and you are absolutely beaten to a bloody pulp and scared for your life by Keko's crazed, yet amazingly potent bashing of his kit; with sticks that look like tree trunks turning into a splintered mess by the end of every song. If you had any sense you might actually take a step back and contemplate your safety for a moment, but then you come to your senses (sort of, anyway) and realize you're at a fucking Weedeater show, and this is why you came here, and there is no way to deny what you are witnessing. Pure, unabashed, musical violence in every form. It's real, and it's dangerous, and it feels so damn good."

Tickets at http://atlanteancollective.queueapp.com

Starlite Lounge
1517 21st st
Sacramento, CA
$18 at the door
Doors 7:30pm // Show 8:00 pm
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