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11 craziest San Francisco laws

Messy and also illegal, apparently.
Photograph: Zach/Flickr Messy and also illegal, apparently.

San Francisco is no stranger to the strange—we're a city that's famous for our free-wheeling attitude and liberal lifestyle. So it's no wonder these "San Francisco values" have even made their way into local governance. While the state gears up for a whole new collection of laws to get used to (this January, local legend and California Governor Jerry Brown will sign into law a long list of bills), behold our collection of official City and County of San Francisco laws that are actually on the books:

1. Elephants on Market Street must be on leashes 

2. No firearms may be in posted advertisements

3. It is illegal to beat a rug in front of your house

4. Old underwear cannot be used as rags when washing a car

5. It is technically illegal to store anything but a car in a residential garage

6. Plastic bags are banned in San Francisco

7. It is illegal to display dead bodies for commercial purposes without the written consent of the deceased 

8. One may not bring a laser pointer to the movies

9. Horse manure cannot be piled higher than 6-feet tall on city corners

10. The city owns the copyright for "San Francisco"