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13 reasons we're getting coal in our stockings this year

13 reasons we're getting coal in our stockings this year

We tried to be good this year, we really did. But it will come as no surprise that once again, San Franciscans have probably made our way onto Santa's naughty list. We're hoping he slips some Star Wars tickets under our tree, but we know 13 reasons Santa might drop some coal in our Christmas stockings:

1. Shorter showers during a drought? Oh yeah, we've (never) done that.

2. We're not sure about you, but most of us play a little fast and loose with that city-wide rule that we must all compost. 

3. That one time we forgot to swipe our Clipper card and stole a free ride on Muni. 

4. We're pretty sure that most of San Francisco is watching Netflix and HBOGo from one shared account.

5. We stare at our phones instead of chatting with the other guy in our Uber pool.

6. That medical marijuana license has nothing to do with our health. 

7. We post images onto social media that include unflattering pictures of our friends just because we look fantastic in them. 

8. For all of those open containers at Bay to Breakers. Alcohol-free event? Lol.

9. We've rolled through stop signs on our bikes—and we didn't even get a ticket. 

10. 45% voter turn-out. 

11. In 2015, we've saved (or stolen) spots in line at Tartine, Bi-Rite Creamery, and Mama's. And we'd do it again.

12. We've relentlessly strong-armed that one friend at Twitter to "verify" our account.

13. Once again, we spent much of the year being too self-involved to truly appreciate the simple, stunning beauty of San Francisco. We'll do better next year, we promise.