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Peek inside a San Franciscan's purse
Photograph: Flickr/Kathy Drasky

14 things you'll find inside every San Franciscan's bag

Written by
Time Out San Francisco editors

It takes more than just grit and a willingness to break the bank on rent to survive in San Francisco. Sometimes it takes actual props. Peek inside the purse, messenger bag or tote of any San Franciscan and you're likely to find one or all of the following:

1. 5,392 expired Muni transfers.

2. A cardigan.

3. An external smartphone charger.

4. The distinctive stain of spilled Blue Bottle coffee. 

5. A well-loved, dented sticker-covered laptop. 

6. Another cardigan. 

7. A free and never-listened-to CD handed out in front of the Westfield on Market Street.

8. Tickets to a truly awesome entertainment or enrichment experience that one can only find in San Francisco (i.e. Outside Lands, Silent Beach Disco Yoga or Dreamforce). 

9. A condom. Just in case. 

10. Business cards from start-ups that no longer exist.

11. A Tartine morning bun wrapper. 

12. A top-of-the-line smartphone with a cracked screen. 

13. What are these, boa feathers? 

14. A lucky (and very weathered) Giants baseball cap. 

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