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16 reasons to get excited about El Niño's rain

16 reasons to get excited about El Niño's rain
Photograph: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

We've been waiting so long for rain, Californians have almost forgotten what a good old-fashioned storm feels like. Thanks to overwhelming predictions of wet weather due to El Niño, the Bay Area will finally get the months-long shower she deserves. Though it's important to stay safe and informed during a storm, most of us can agree there are some great reasons to look forward to a wet winter:

1. Drought relief: An obvious choice, but the most important one. El Niño 2015-2016 might not be heavy enough to alleviate all of California's water needs, but it's sure to make a dent. 

2. Rain boots and puddle jumping.

3. Falling asleep to the sound of the rain—you can leave that "sleep sounds" app off.

4. Better waves for surfers, which means more surfers undressing in beach parking lots.

5. You know that umbrella you bought six years ago? You'll finally get to use it. 

6. Cozy Irish coffees at the Buena Vista Cafe.

7. Fewer protests to attend or avoid.

8. Shorter lines for brunch. Who wants to wait in the rain for Tartine? (We do.)

9. Cable car rides in the rain are surprisingly romantic. 

10. A rainy day is a great excuse to re-visit San Francisco's amazing collection of museums.

11. Local farmers markets will be bursting with fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers.

12. San Francisco's sidewalks will get a much-needed bath (as will our cars).

13. Adele's new album, 25, was just released and is best listened to while staring out the window at the rain.

14. No need to bother blow-drying and styling your hair. El Niño signals hat weather!

15. Rain makes for amazing Instagram opportunities.

16. Did we mention that California has suffered through a four-year drought and the whole west coast really needs the rain? We have? Well it bears repeating.