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16 ways to stay warm now that San Francisco temps have dipped

Toasty beach bonfire, don't forget the 'mallows.
Photograph: Irene/Flickr Toasty beach bonfire, don't forget the 'mallows.

Now that San Francisco's Indian Summer is over, the brisk fall has finally arrived and we're feelin' it. Unlike our friends in the rest of the country, the Bay Area's climate is relatively mild. But as soon as the temperature dips below 60 degrees, most San Franciscans are bundled head-to-toe and openly complaining about the "freezing" weather. We've put together a comprehensive list of go-to warm-ups when the chill is just too much to take. 

1. Slurp a big bowl of the Bay's best ramen or pho.

2. Indulge in an Irish Coffee at the famed Tosca.

3. Host a bonfire at Ocean Beach.

4. Stay in bed and snuggle up with a good book.

5. Invest in a cozy new sweater from one of the city's best clothing shops.

6. Sit by the fire pits at Ghirardelli Square.

7. Get that blood flowing with a brisk walk at Lands End.

8. Find out why the call the Crissy Field café and bookshop "The Warming Hut."

9. Cook at home with fresh fall and winter produce from your local farmers market.

10. Work up a sweat on one of SF's hottest dance floors.

11. Get high-end heated by the long fireplaces in the lobby of the St. Regis.

12. Relax in San Francisco's finest teahouses.

13. Get out of town! The weather tends to be warmer towards the South Bay...

14. Bulk up for winter by eating the best food in San Francisco.

15. Body heat, baby! Go on a date.

16. Drink whiskey. A lot of whiskey.