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Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California
Photograph: Shutterstock

17 things San Franciscans ignore that no one else would

By Time Out San Francisco editors

Living in San Francisco has its rewards, but there's also an array of challenges and quirks that come with spending time in the City by the Bay. Some of us handle these facts of SF life by simply ignoring them. For example, we don't even notice anymore:

1. Lines for any type of popular pop-up. If there's a line, it must be amazing. 

2. Crosswalks. We simply dart into the street when the mood strikes.

3. Naked people. 

4. Pot smoke.

5. People using smartphones at dinner, the movies, important theatrical debuts, funerals etc. 

6. Instagramming food.

7. Any suburb at all, anywhere. There is San Francisco, there is Oakland and then there is the edge of the Earth. 

8. Anyone's story about Burning Man. "I'm sorry, what were you saying? I stopped listening."

9. The lack of parking spaces because so few of us drive cars. 

10. That plastic bags are prohibited. We haven't seen one in years! 

11. Children. We care much more about your dog!

12. That it's nearly impossible to attend a Warriors game. We're just happy to bask from across the Bay. 

13. The vegetarian section of the menu, the vegan section of the menu, the gluten-free section of the menu, the all-local section of the menu. We simply flip to our preferred section and are grateful for the consideration. 

14. The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. We couldn't pick it out of a line-up. 

15. Fisherman's Wharf.

16. Freezing summer weather. What? It's always like this. 

17. The Sunset District, San Francisco's coolest neighborhood that no one visits. We should appreciate you more, Sunset! 

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